Welcome to the project website for the City of Whitehorse Modernized Transit Route Plan (MTRP).

In 2018, the City of Whitehorse commissioned its first ever Transit Master Plan, which envisions a transit system that serves all mobility needs, leverages investments in active and sustainable modes of transportation, and is well-positioned for the future. Through this planning process, we discovered that the transit needs of the community were not being fully met; riders want more direct connections between destinations, better service frequency and reliability that provides the freedom to travel where you want, when you want. The Transit Master Plan study resulted in a set of recommendations to improve the transit route alignment and scheduling and better match travel demand for today and into the future.

Spring 2018
Transit Master Plan – Approved by Council

October 2020
Community and Stakeholder Engagement

Late 2020
MTRP Final Report

Early 2021
Implementation of New Network and Schedules